Nation's #1 Running Back Training Program

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I'm sure you are asking yourself,” why you should I use my Running Back Training Program opposed to all other programs ? 

Reasons Why Our Method Works



You are being trained – advised by over 20 years of experience (Competed as a Running Back at every level| Also completed degree in kinesiology (Exercise Science) during career at Auburn University) .

Proven Results

B) I have, Completed Running Back Sessions with Players of the year at each level ;

NFL (Alvin Kamara Saints ) , NCAA (Najee Harris) ,

High School (over 10 national player of the year clients) 

All In One Program

 My program comes with the 3 most important phases of being a complete Running Back; Position Specific-Correction Development, Speed Performance Development, along with Explosive Strength Training. 

If you are a Running Back with the goal of being dominant not just looking to see a glimpse of improvement, the methods used with all 3 phases will set you apart from other athletes and will have you ready to give defenses a head each week once the season starts. The goal isn’t just to run thru hurdles, cut off random cones, or dodging stand still objects each session. The plan put together is to make it to where each position training drill simulates what you will need to do on game day, we will work on speed development – conditioning to help with breakaway speed from defenders, and lastly but just as importantly” Weight Room Development, to punish defenders – build up explosiveness- and to help with injury prevention 

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