Receive in depth running back specific training that will change the way you view the field forever. Grasp this demanding position through the eyes of a pro and “why” plays are designed in order to better execute reads and responsibilities. Understand the difference between reaction and anticipation. Learn how to protect the ball, run behind your pads with authority, manipulate defenders, set up blocks, take a pre-snap read, and much more

Each session concentrates on position specific skills, from the basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, each player will be challenged to step up their game on every level. Film study is incorporated periodically

Running backs, including fullbacks and halfbacks, have one of the most comprehensive jobs on the football field.  They have to run, catch, and block.  Through our training sessions, Perfect Performance will improve the following running back skills:


                                                                                      WHAT TO EXPECT



Ball security

Reading blocks


Route releases

Route running

Pass blocking

Run blocking

Defensive front and coverage recognition

After training with Perfect Performance, running backs will:

Make better cuts

Break more tackles

Rush for more yards

Make more consistent blocks

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